The Bureau of the Majlis
Article  [48]:
The Bureau shall consist of the Chairman, the two deputies, and six members  to be elected by the Majlis by  a relative majority, for a half term, in the first sitting following inauguration of the session. If the seat of a member of the Bureau falls vacant for any reason, election of a substitute shall take place in the same manner within two weeks as from the date the seat falls vacant.

The Bureau shall assume the following competences:
  • Setting activities of the Majlis, assisting its committees in making the rules organizing management of their work and coordination of aspects of their activities in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, and informing  the Majlis about the same.
  • Supervising the activities of the Majlis and its committees, assisting the members in performing their duties, and following up the work of the Majlis Committees and their reports.
  • Preparing the agenda of the sittings, taking into consideration the priority of issues referred by His Majesty the Sultan, draft laws forwarded by the Government which the Committees have completed their study, and the current important issues. The Secretary General shall announce the agenda and inform the members about the same at least 48 hours before convening the sitting.
  • Charging  one of the Committees to study a specific subject, present a report about the outcome, and can decide whether to submit the report to the  Majlis or take appropriate decisions to this effect.
  • Settling objections referred by the Majlis as regards what has been registered in the minutes of the sittings.
  • Examining the draft annual budget of the Majlis and the draft closing account referred by the Budget and closing Account Committee before submitting the same to the Majlis for endorsement.
  • Selecting delegations representing the Majlis internally and externally, studies reports submitted by the delegations on their missions and visits before submitting them to the Majlis.
  • Selecting members participating in committees set up by the Government.
  • Receiving   petitions   and complaints submitted by the citizens to the Majlis. The Bureau can seek the Government opinion on the same for clarification, or refer them to the concerned Committees. The Citizen shall be informed within a month, if possible, about the measures taken with regard to his request.
  • Supervising organization of all parliamentary affairs of the Majlis according to the system laid down, to this effect, by the Bureau and endorsed by the Majlis.
  • Setting information policy of the Majlis expressing its will and reflecting discussions taking place in the plenary sittings and committees, decisions being taken aiming at creating  a public opinion interacting with the legislative and auditing role of the Majlis and reinforcing the democratic practice.
  • Examining any other matter to be charged with by the Majlis or the Chairman or asked to give opinion on it.
  • The Chairman shall call the Bureau for periodical or emergency  meetings.
  • Quorum of the meetings of the Bureau shall be reached only  by attendance of the majority of the members, including the Chairman or either of his Deputies. Decisions shall be issued by the majority of the present members. If the votes are equal, the side including the Chairman shall prevail.
  • Meetings of the Bureau shall be attended by the Secretary General, or those authorized to do so, including members of the Majlis, its staff, Government officials and others invited by the Majlis in connection with a matter presented before it.
  • The Secretary General shall supervise editing the minutes of the meetings of the Bureau. These minutes shall be ratified by the Chairman or his deputy who presides over the meeting, as per circumstances.
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