General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of Majlis A'Shura Shall be competent to:

  1. Prepare the annual budget of the General Secretariat and follow up its implementation.
  2. Prepare invitations for the members to attend the Majlis sitting, informs them, and prepare agenda for its works in coordination with Majlis Bureau.
  3. Prepare minutes, records of the Majlis sitting, and distribute them to the members as per the rules and regulations of the Majlis.
  4. Supervise the organization of the Committees’ meetings and attending them, and edits their records, decisions, circulars and letters.
  5. Carry out the coordination works between the Majlis Chairman and the members to schedule the meetings, prepares the subjects for discussion and includes them in the agenda, and implements the applicable rules and policies in force by the Majlis. .
  6. Undertake studies, researches and reports on issues related to the Majlis and its Committees works.
  7. Prepare for the conferences, seminars which is organized by the Majlis or invites other to participate in the events, and follow up their results.
  8. Implement the financial and administrative procedures in accordance with laws and regulations in force.
  9. Prepare the annual budget of the Majlis as per the issued financial publications, regulations and the general policy of the state.
  10. Carry out the media coverage, public relations and protocol affairs.
  11. Prepare and implementation of the general plan for training and rehabilitation of Omani staff working in the Majlis.
  12. Submit of the annual and periodical reports to the Majlis Chairman on the work process of the Secretariat, and put forward proposals for further development.

The Assistant General Secretariat for the Sittings and the Parliamentary Support shall be competent to:

  • Undertake technical coordination support for the Majlis sittings.
  • Organize and coordinates the sittings of the Majlis, and documents them.
  • Record the members’ attendance and leave.
  • Prepare a draft report for the General Secretariat on the Majlis activates between its sittings.
  • Edit minutes, records of the public sittings, and follow up their decisions.
  • Collect and classify members’ requests for corrections of the Majlis minutes and then present them to the Majlis for endorsement.
  • Prepare records for the parliamentary tools, draft laws proposals submitted by the members and other subjects referred by Government including the draft laws forwarded by the members or the Committees, and shall refer them to the Majlis Bureau. It shall also follow up the decisions which have been taken on this regard.
  • Edit and print the minutes of the Majlis and distribute them to the members.
  • Prepare the draft agenda for the public sitting of the Majlis.
  • Edit the annual ministerial statements program proposal in coordination with the Assistant General Secretariat for Committees and Information.
  • Provide necessary support for the members to practice the membership duties and introduces the suitable oversight solution for them to deal with the issues.

The Assistant General Secretariat for the Committees and Information shall be competent to:

  • Undertake the coordination works and parliamentary support of the Committee.
  • Schedule and prepares the meetings of the Committees and coordinate for their events, and provides their requirements.
  • Edit the draft report of the Secretariat General regarding Committees’ activities.
  • Support the Committees and working teams by preparing their reports and recommendations, revise the approved recommendations and publishe them in the final form.
  • Provide studies, data and information required by the Committees in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • Edit of the Committees records and follow up their decisions.
  • Prepare the draft agenda of the Committees.
  • Prepare and draft the minutes and the agenda of the Committees and distribute them to the members.
  • Send all the committees works and the conclusion of their studies, reports and decisions to the Record and Archives Department after the approval of the Majlis Bureau.

The Assistant General Secretariat for the Administrative and Financial Affairs shall be competent to:

  • Supervise the preparation of the recurrent and capital budget and the measures of its implementation and ensures its conformity with the expenses and revenues and that it takes place as per the allocations approved in the various items of the budget of the Majles.
  • Prepare the final accounts and periodical reports on the final status of the items of the budget.
  • Supervise all works in connection with accountancy measures and confirms that they are meeting the technical principles and rules governing the same.
  • Supervise the stores and the system of the storage measures concerning the necessary registers of delivery and storage and provision of requirements to all departments of the Majles.
  • Supervise purchasing works for all goods and requirements for the organs of the Majles.
  • Conclude proposed agreements with contractors and companies and follows up their approval in coordination with the legal experts.
  • Provide all internal transport accommodation and all services of the Majles.
  • Carrie out all measures concerning the personnel as per the adopted systems, to provide the necessary technical and administrative capabilities for the Majles.
  • Sets up, in coordination with relevant parties, the plans for the development of human resources and manpower as per the current and future requirements of the Majles.
  • Set up the necessary plans and training programmes for the Omani staff in coordination with the organs of the Majles and the concerned authorities of the state.
  • Conduct archives works: documents, typing and copying.
  • Preserve the buildings and properties of the Majles and necessary measures for maintenance and provision of engineering services and safety for employees and premises in coordination with the Security Office.
  • Coordinate with other General Secretariats and departments of the Majlis as regards administrative and financial affairs.
  • Propose annual training and qualification programmes which aim at enhancing the efficiency of the staff of this Secretariat and their implementation in coordination with the concerned parties of the Majlis.

The Assistant General Secretariat for the Information and the Public Relations shall be competent to:

  • Design the audio – visual media programs related to the Majlis activities and follow up their implementation.
  • Broadcast the Majlis activates and make them visible inside and outside the Sultanate.
  • Supervise the media coverage procedures for transmission of the Majlis sittings, its Bureau and Committees meetings, official participation of the Majlis outside the Sultanate and the official delegation visiting the Sultanate.
  • Contribute to convening lectures seminars and conferences organized by the Majlis, and plans their programs and follow up their results and evaluate them.
  • Publish the periodical prints, bulletins and magazines about the Majlis achievements and different activities in Arabic and English languages.
  • Edit, follow up and document what is being published about the Majlis in the local, regional and international mass media and takes necessary measures on the same.
  • Undertake the reception and farewell of the VIPs and delegations visiting the Majlis or invited by the Majlis to attend the Majlis sittings and meetings.
  • Collect the records, albums, photos and films, and documents and save them in a good manner for easy retrieval.
  • Arrange press interviews with mass media for the Majlis members and officials with a pervious authorization of the Majlis Chairman.
  • Contact with press institutions and provide them with the information related to the activities of the Majlis and its other organs.
  • Carry out all procedures of the public relations related to the Majlis participation in the public occasions and celebrations.
  • Make all necessary measures for the travel and reception of the Majlis Chairman, members and staff.
  • Attend the joint session of talks held with delegation visiting the Majlis and publishes media report for that.
  • Undertake all responsibilities related to the members service affairs in coordination with the concerned department in the Majlis.
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