Majlis Standing Committees
The Departments of the Standing Committees Affairs shall be responsible for providing data, information, relevant studies related to every committee specialization. The departments shall follow up reports and the pervious recommendations of the Majlis. They shall also prepare subjects for the Committee studies. Theses departments shall help the Committee to carry out the mandated tasks to it. The departments of the Committees affairs shall follow up informing the head and the members of a committee to attend the Committee meeting. They shall also prepare the agenda of the meeting and hand over that to the members. Besides that, the Departments of the Committees Affairs shall provide advice and technical support for the members of the Committee. Majlis A'Shura has ten Departments for the Committees Affairs as follow:
1-  The Department of the Legal and Legislatives Affairs Committee.
2- The Department of the Defence, Security and foreign Relations   Affairs Committee.
3- The Department of the Information and culture Affairs Committee. 
4-  The Department of Education and Scientific Research Affairs Committee.
5-  The Department of Health and Environment Affairs Committee.
6-  The Department of Economic and Financial Affairs Committee.
7-  The Department of Budget and Final Account Affairs Committee.
8-  The Department of the Youth and Human Resources Affairs Committee.
9-  The Department of Services and social Development Affairs Committee.
10-  The Department of the Food and Water Security Affairs Committee. 
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