eAccessibility Policy
what is accessibility?
Accessibility refers to the ability of using all products such as website, mobile site, application etc… by people with different disabilities. Adhering to the E-accessibility Policy adopted by Information Technology Authority (ITA) – Sultanate of Oman , Majlis A’Shura  portal is committed to ensure that all people including persons with disabilities and elderly people can use the portal and reach its content easily.
e-accessibility policy
Believing that persons with disability and elderly people have the right to access to information, e-services , applications etc., the Information Technology Authority (ITA)  adopted b E-accessibility policy, aiming at providing fair and equal life opportunities to persons with disability and elderly people through the use of information and communications technology (ICT).
Web content accessibility
We are fully committed to make all contents in Majlis A’Shura portal such as web pages, web applications, text, images, forms, etc. accessible to all users by adopted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and standards (WCAG) from the W3C consortium www.w3c.org . We strive to present the contents in a way to be consistent in most commonly used web browsers to ensure a smooth online experience for all users. These accessibility standards and guidelines are only applicable to all contents published in Majlis A’Shura Portal; however we cannot guarantee that they are implemented in other websites which are reachable through external links from this portal.
Speech-Text Reader
An assistive speech feature has been embedded into the portal to help in converting texts into speech. This technology is very useful for visually-impaired users and even other users with difficulty who find it difficult to read text online.
When you click the visual ‘speaker’ icon, the text in this section will be read aloud as voice output. The accent is neutral and the pace is set to be normal so that users from various part of the world can understand the speech contents. you also may adjust the speaker volume to suit your personal comfort.
The content can be downloaded as audio file in MP3 format in to the your computer by clicking on the ‘No Sound?’ option in the player and listen to them later on.
Changing font size
You can increase the font size for comfortable reading by Clicing on +A,A,A-. You can also view the window in full screen by pressing the F11 key (or click on ‘View’ option from the toolbar, then choose ‘full screen’).
Image description
If you are a blind user, this portal, wherever possible, provides alternative text components to graphical elements like logo, pictures, labels, etc. that make it easier for screen-reader software to describe the contents. This helps the blind people who use such software to get a fair idea about relative graphic web elements.
Browser compatibility
We assure that the contents of this portal have been designed to suit most of the commonly used web browsers. Appropriate attributes and tags have been used in the web-coding so as to ensure clear use of language components and smooth transformation of table elements in both old and new technical environments of the browsers. This portal has been tested with most common web browsers namely, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and FireFox.
As this portal uses JavaScript codes, you are kindly requested to enable your browser setting to run this component in order to enjoy a smooth experience while browsing this portal.
We look forward to your comments and suggestions through our Contact Us page, in order to improve this portal’s accessibility for our visitors with disabilities as an ongoing enhancement.

We would like to hear from you, your user-experience in visiting this portal. Your remarks can help us improve Majlis A’Shura  portal. You may also come across accidental errors or broken links and we request you to help us locate and rectify such mistakes that occur despite the best of our effort. Please use the Contact Us page to communicate with us.
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