The Chairmanship of Majlis A’Shura
Yaqoub bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Harthi

Yaqoub bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Harthi

Deputy chairman Majlis bureau

  • The Majlis shall, in an extraordinary sitting to be  convened at the invitation of  His Majesty the Sultan,  elect its Chairman and two Deputy Chairmen, for a similar term as the Chairman, as per Article 58 [bis 12]. The elections shall be conducted as per the procedures stipulated in these Regulations. The Chairman shall assume chairmanship functions as soon as his elections has been announced.
  • The Chairman shall  represent the Majlis in its relations with other parties, speak on its behalf, as per the will of the Majlis, present to the Majlis the outcome of his meetings, contacts and visits, maintain its security, system  and dignity as well as the dignity of the members. He shall supervise the good performance of all works of the Majlis and  ensures their compliance with the provisions of the Basic Statute of the State, law, and these Regulations. He can seek, to this effect,  the assistance of his two Deputies, or the members, or all the organs of the Majlis.
  • The Chairman shall declare the sittings open, preside over them,  announce their termination, administer  discussions, grant permission to speak,  determine subjects to be examined, direct the speaker to confine himself to the subject under consideration and these regulations, clarify  and ask for clarification on any issue. He may  draw opinions and recommendations in connection with the Majlis discussion, put them to voting, seek rapprochement of members’ opinion on issues under consideration during the sittings, and announce the decisions to be issued by the Majlis.
  • The Chairman can take part in the discussion of any issue under consideration. In this case,  he shall relinquish chairmanship of the sitting which he shall  assume when  a decision to this effect has been taken by the Majlis
  • The Chairman can call any of the Committees to convene for discussing an important or urgent matter, and presides over the meetings he attends. Any correspondence between the Committees and any party outside the Majlis shall take place through the Chairman.
  • The Chairman shall supervise the General Secretariat, preparation of the Majlis budget, and  its closing account, and present the same to the Majlis Bureau for discussion before referring them to the Majlis along with the report of the Budget and Closing Account Committee for discussion and endorsement. The Chairman shall have the competences and authorities vested in a Minister or Head of a Government Unit as per the laws in force in the Sultanate, with regard to financial and administrative affairs of the Majlis and its staff.
  • If the Chairman is absent, the two Deputies shall alternately preside over the sittings. If the Chairman and the two Deputies are absent after convening one of the sittings, the eldest member of the Bureau shall preside over the sitting, and shall have the competences vested in the Chairman as regards administering the sitting.
  • The Chairman can delegate some of his competences to either of his Deputies. In all cases, one the two deputies,  and alternately,  shall assume all competences of the Chairman in case of his absence.
  • The Deputy Chairman shall preside over the meeting of the committees he attends.
  • If the seat of the Chairman or any of  his two Deputies falls vacant due to resignation, dropping of membership, demise, total disability or by a decision of the Majlis in case of loss of confidence or esteem or violation of duties of membership as per Article 58 [bis 17] of the Basic Statute of the State, the Majlis shall elect a substitute in two weeks as from the date the seat falls vacant if the Majlis is in session, and during the first week when the Majlis convenes if the vacancy falls between the sessions.
  •  The same procedures for election of the Chairman and the two Deputies shall be applicable when electing a new Chairman or a  Deputy of the Majlis, as per circumstances.
  • One of the two Deputies shall , upon agreement, assume the chairmanship temporarily pending the election of the new Chairman.
  • If the Chairman is unable to carry out his assignments, the Bureau shall present the matter to the Majlis to consider announcing vacancy of the seat of chairmanship. A decision to this effect shall be issued by a two-third majority of the members. The provision of the preceding item shall be applicable on the two Deputies.
  • When the Chairman or either of his Deputies violate their competences in contravention of law, or fail to carry out their duties, the Majlis shall, in response to a request signed by half  of its members, ask for motion of no-confidence from either of them separately or collectively. A decision to this effect shall be issued by a two-third majority of the members in an emergency closed sitting, within two weeks following submission of the request.
  • The request for motion of confidence shall be submitted to the  Chairman who shall urgently call the Bureau within a period not exceeding three days to fix the emergency sitting. If the invitation is not extended within the said timing, the meeting shall be convened at 10:00 a.m. on the first Saturday following date of submitting the request.
  • Whoever is in connection with the motion of no-confidence shall not preside over the emergency sitting. If the motion of no-confidence is requested for the Chairman and the two Deputies collectively, the eldest Head of the permanent committees present shall preside over this sitting.
  • The Chairman or either of the two Deputies can ask the Majlis to relieve him off the post. The Majlis’s  decision endorsing this and announcing the vacancy of the post  shall be taken by the majority of the present members.
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