Youth Committee approves its report on the citizens’ layoffs

17 يونيو 2020

The Youth and Human Resources Committee approved its report on citizens’ layoffs in the private sector, challenges and solutions, ahead of referring it to Council Bureau and discussing it  in the next sitting.
This discussion came as part of the 9rd meeting of the Committee for the First Annual Session (2019-2020) chaired by H.E. Younis bin Ali Al Mandhari Head of the Committee and in the presence of their Excellencies member of the Committee.
The Committee stated that it has been keen to solve the issue of the citizens’layoffs in the private sector and find urgent solutions to protect the fired citizens and find the legal guarantees necessary to protect their rights and provide them with a safe work environment .
The report also included a number of objectives that the Committee wants to achieve through its study of the topic , including the organization of the worker and employer relationship, the balance between  interests of both parties and the protection of the rights of the national manpower.
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