Shura to hold its 16th and 17th Ordinary Sittings

23 Jun 2019

The Shura Council will hold its 16th and 17th ordinary sittings of the Fourth Annual Session (2019-2018) of the Eighth Term on June 25, 26 Tuesday and Wednesday, during which it will discuss a number of legislative and oversight issues that the Standing Committees have studied and discussed during the current Annual Session.
H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al-Mahrouqi, Secretary General of the Shura Council, said that the agenda of the two sittings will include the review of the Legislative and Legal Committee's comments on the draft amendment of the Sultanate's Accession Agreement to the Djibouti Code of Conduct on the Suppression of Piracy and Armed Robbery, in addition to the comments of the Services and Social Development Committee on the Draft Road Transport Agreement between the Government of the Sultanate and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
H.E Al-Mahrouqi added that the sittings will also discuss the reports of the committees on a number of studies including: the report of the Health and Environment Committee on Omanization in the Health Sector, the report of the Youth and Human Resources Committee on the Status and Challenges of the Sports Sector in the Sultanate, the report of the Information and Culture Committee on Oman Cultural Channel and its Role in Empowering  the Cultural Activities in the Sultanate, as well as its report, on Professional and Ethical Controls of New Media in the Sultanate.
H.E. Al-Mahrouqi pointed out that the agenda of the meeting will also include discussing a number of wishes expressed by the members of the Council on a range of topics in various fields.
The Secretary General also stated that members of the Council will listen to some of the ministerial responses to a number of written questions submitted by members of the Council, in addition to a presentation by the Information Technology Authority that will tackle the e-government transformation project.
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