Majlis A’shura shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article 58 bis 43 of the Basic Statute  of the State and Articles 146 to 155 of the Council's Regulations, exercise oversight over the work of the Government, as follows:
Urgent Statement
Legal conditions that are required for the urgent statement:
  2. 1- To be submitted by one of the Council members in writing.
2- To be submitted directly to the Chairman of the council or his representative before the siting convention in due course of time.  
  1. 3- To be about a matter of high urgency and importance related to the public interest.
4- To briefly explain the dimensions of the topic and the reasons for discussing it before the Council.  
  1. 5- Shall not be related to a subject matter referred to committees or a draft laws that will be referred to the Council.
6- This statement may be presented immediately before the Council prior to the beginning of the discussion of the agenda only when necessary or when the subject matter coincides with the date of the Council sitting and with the authorization of the Chairman or his representative. 


  1. 1- The Chairman shall present the requests before commencing with the agenda so that the member can hold a vote on the requests without discussing them.
  2. 2- Urgent statement requests shall obtain the consent of the majority of the members present.
  3. 3- The requesting members shall present their statements within a period of ten minutes per statement without discussion.
  4. 4- Considering the provision of article 147 of the Internal Regulation of A’Shura Council, the Chairman or his representative may notify the members whether to review the statement topic during the sitting or after covering the agenda, if it is predetermined, by the approval of the majority of the members present.
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