Draft of the Unified Law on Anti-Dumping, and Countervailing and Preventive Measures in the Gulf ...

Draft law amending the Tender Board Law

Facts Finding Committee for Electricity and Water Services

Takaful Insurance Draft Law

Draft law regulating the work of engineering consulting offices

Amendment to some provisions of the law regulating the practice of pharmacy and health institutions

Draft law amending two articles of the Omani Penal Code "to prevent alcohol in the Sultanate"

Draft Law protecting competition and preventing monopoly

Proposal for the "Law on the Right to Access and Circulate Information"

Draft Law amending certain provisions of the Commercial Agencies Law

Amendment of some provisions of the following laws: 1 - Insurance Companies Law issued by Royal D...

Consumer Protection Draft Law

Draft amendment of some provisions of the Capital Market Law issued by Royal Decree No. 80/98

Draft amendments to some provisions of banking law

Animal Care Draft Laws

Draft law on the practice of veterinary professions

Draft law on the legality of extension of licenses validity for the offices and branches of accou...

Children Draft Law

Proposed amendments to the Foreign Capital Investment Law and the Income Tax Law

Postal Services Draft Law

National law of Measurement and Calibration

Commercial Companies Law

Postal Services Regulation Law

Waste Law

The new tourism law referred by the Council of Ministers

Proposed Amendments to the Law on the Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Water S...

Proposed amendments to the Labor Law

Income Tax Law

Food Safety Law

Law on Accountability of Juveniles referred by the Council of Ministers

Law of Evidence in the Civil and Commercial Articles, amendment to the Original Draft

Law of care and rehabilitation of the disabled

Law on Post-Service Pensions and Benefits for Omani Government Employees

The Law on the Protection of the National Economy from the Effects of Harmful Practices in the Sc...

The law of fisheries referred by the Council of Ministers

Article (50) of Traffic Law No. 91-2001 submitted to the Council of Ministers

Labour law

Telecommunications Regulatory Law

Law on organizing scholarships

The role of big companies in activating the economic development and developing local communities...

Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Law

Law of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Law

Civil Transactions Law

Activate and develop the law to protect public money and avoid conflicts of interest

Social Security Law

Labor Law referred by the Council of Ministers

Amendments to Supervision of Artistic Works Law issued by the Royal Decree No. 45/ 76

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