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Survey about Sablat A’Shura

Survey Date: 16 اغسطس 2019 - 31 اغسطس 2019

The Shura Council will organize sessions of “Sablat A’shura” as a part of the Council’s participation in Salalah Khareef Festival 2019. The Council is keen to receive opinions from citizens regarding the proposed topics in these sessions. Therefore, we are pleased to receive your answers to the following questions:


Survey about Reality of the local audio - visual Media in the Sultanate and means for developing it from the Omani prospective

Survey Date: 17 ديسمبر 2017 - 31 ديسمبر 2017

The Media and Cultural Committee of A’Shura Council is keen to raise the local audio – visual media in Sultanate. This questionnaire aims to identify level of audio – visual tools users among the Omani audience, know their interest in social media tools and its programs and identify level of participation in the local media. Not only that, but the questionnaire stands to evaluate the communication level of the Omani audio – visual media to put forward comments in order to develop the performance of audio -visual media from the prospective of the Omani audience