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Shura Bureau holds its 14th meeting for the Second Annual Session of the Ninth Term

28 سبتمبر 2021

The Shura Council Bureau discussed the letter of the Economic and Financial Committee to determine Omanisation rates in the different economic sectors in accordance with the guidelines of the tenth five-year plan and Oman future vision 2040.
The Bureau also discussed many topics, including a number of ministerial responses and follow-up tools submitted by their Excellencies members of the Council, in addition to the reports of the Standing Committees.
This discussion came as part of the 14th  meeting for the Second Annual Session (2020-2021) of the Ninth Term (2019-2023) chaired by H.E. Khalid Hilal Nasser AL Maawali,
 Chairman of the Shura Council, in the presence of their Excellencies members of the Shura Bureau and H.E Ahmed Mohammed Al-Nadabi Secretary General of the Council.
The Bureau also reviewed the report of the Services and Social Development Committee on the proposed policies to enhance family cohesion and reduce divorce rates in the Omani society.
It also discussed the letter of Economic and Financial Committee on electricity and water national subsidy system.
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