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Economic Committee reviews 2022 Draft State Budget

12 اكتوبر 2021

The Economic and Financial Committee of the Shura Council reviewed Draft State budget for the fiscal year 2022 which was referred from the Government.

The meeting started with discussing the Committee’s plan and executive program, including hosting a number of stakeholders and specialists from the government to discuss the topics and items included in the draft budget, and the preparation of for the first sitting of the 3rd Annual Session, next November.

This discussion came as part of the second meeting of the Committee (2019-2023) of the Ninth Term, chaired by H.E. Ahmed Said Bin Abdullah Al-Sharqi, Head of the Committee and in the presence of their Excellencies members of the Committee.


The Committee also reviewed the draft agreement for the mutual protection of investment between the government of the Sultanate and the government of the Republic of Hungary, which was referred by the government.

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